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FNAF Minecraft is a unique combination of two famous worlds FNAF and Minecraft. Where players will face FNAF's spooky puppets in a Minecraft world.

Survive five nights in FNAF Minecraft

Different from the mysterious yellow room at FNAF Backrooms, in this game, play the role of a security guard working at a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza store in the Minecraft world. Your mission is to keep yourself safe and alive throughout the night, while spooky puppets like Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy try to attack you.

The game is controlled using a traditional Minecraft interface, players will move in different rooms of the store and use tools and resources to protect themselves from scary puppets. You can use security cameras to track their location, lock doors to prevent them from accessing, and use flashlights to illuminate the surrounding space.

Level played over five nights

Each night equates to a different level, with difficulty increasing and the puppets becoming smarter. Players must consider their time and resources, as using them too quickly can leave you weak and vulnerable to attack.

Over five consecutive nights, the animatronic will become more intelligent and capable of subtly attacking you. They can move quickly, approach from many different directions and even cheat in tracking with camera systems.

At the same time, the time limit for each night is different, you must survive the night within that time period. This creates tension and requires players to manage resources and time intelligently to avoid being attacked.