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Food Grinder


About Food Grinder

Food Grinder is an online food-control game to avoid collisions with grinders on 3 conveyors. Stay on these three conveyors to avoid moving dangers.

Food Grinder's Mission

In this new game, players must control their food character to avoid collisions with crushers. During the move, you can collect coins and diamonds. These items will bring you valuable points.

The grinders in Food Grinder are dangerous to your character. If the food touches these crushers, this running game will end immediately.

How to Move Food

Food characters can move continuously from left to right and vice versa on conveyor belts. To move from one carousel to another, simply use the up arrow or down arrow key. You can control the food character according to your wishes.

This moving way is simple compared to the Granny Street Rage Skibidi Toilet game. However, the Food Grinder game brings many challenges from the grinders. Grinders can appear on any conveyor belt and they can appear anytime.

Warning for Crushers

This Food Grinder game will alert the conveyor belts where the grinders will appear. Signs will appear before the crusher appears. In addition, the crusher will appear from the side where the warning sign is placed.