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Haunt The House


Haunt The House takes on the role of a ghost embarking on a haunting adventure within a spooky mansion. Make the humans scared and leave the mansion.

Get rid of unwanted guests at the mansion

You play as a cute ghost living in a luxurious mansion. When a group of aristocratic partygoers decide to throw a party at your house, the ghost is not pleased with the intrusion.

Your mission is to possess objects around the house and make them perform supernatural things to chase away all 30 guests.

Go around the mansion, interact with objects and cause haunted phenomena. You can make objects move, make strange noises, shine bright lights or even turn into haunted objects to create horror in the atmosphere.

Enhances the feelings of fear and phobia of the people living in the mansion. When they become unbearably scared, they will run away and you will gain the score. When you make all 30 uninvited guests leave the mansion, then you have won and the challenge is over.

Review on the horror level of Haunt The House

Compared to other horror games on our website, Haunt The House is considered a light horror game, it only has healthy entertainment elements. If you want to test out heavy horror games, don't miss FNAF Backrooms, Five Nights At Shreks Hotel can make you haunted by its horror abilities. Think carefully if you want to test out these hardcore horror games.