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Play Murder where you can become a king or an assassin. The two characters have contrasting missions in unlimited time to create thrilling matches.

Contrasting Missions of 2 Characters

If you are a king, watch out for the people following behind you. Some of them have a plan to murder you to become the king.

In contrast, if you are murdered or die because of age, you will transform into an assassin. As an assassin, you must follow the king and use your knife to murder him. This is the fastest way to become the next king. Note that if you cannot assassinate the king, you must wait for the king to become old and die. At this time, you can replace him and become the next king in the castle.

Controls Of Murder Game

The way to control this online game is extremely simple. If you are an assassin, you need to press and hold the left mouse button to reach a certain time. When the time bar at the top of the screen is full, the knife will hit the king and he is assassinated.

On the contrary, if you become the king, you just need to left-click to check the servants. If you can see suspicious signs, you can arrest them.

Murder's controls are suitable for all players of different ages.

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