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Play Plants Vs Zombies online to join battles by building a plant army and fending off zombie attacks. There are many levels with many themes.

About Plants Vs Zombies

This new game is an exciting online action game where you can participate in the battle between plants and zombies on an online platform. This game offers a stunning graphical interface and an addictive gameplay experience.

Gameplay Of Plants Vs Zombies

In Plants Vs Zombies Online, your mission is to build and manage an army of plants to fight off zombie attacks. You can choose from a variety of plants with special abilities, including projectile plants, bomb-throwing plants, hindering plants, and more. Each type of plant has a unique role and abilities and you need to arrange them strategically to stop the zombie advance.

Plant-Using Levels

The game is divided into many levels with different themes, from the front garden, rooftop, and beach to the snow world. Each level requires you to use plants intelligently and effectively to win. You will face different types of zombies from normal zombies to zombies with special abilities.

More Zombie Game Features

Plants Vs Zombies offers a range of exciting online features. You can participate in PvP duels to challenge your friends or other players around the world. At the same time, the game also provides in-game events for you to participate in and receive special rewards.

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